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Insert here the references and the considerations for the quality check ... then create the remaining properties for the form "Quality check". "Expand" the English version as in the Italian * literary quality: is the article distinguished by a good, poor, average, remarkable, excellent, great, qualified, extraordinary literary quality ? Please point out the most appropriate adjective and evaluate it independently by the journalistic genre * Bias: is the author of the article part of any movement/organization/institution etc. that might have influenced his view of what he expresses in the article? Is there any bias due to funding received, pre-established ideals, or "company visions" ? Assess the writer's independence. + (Relevance: Is the research method/study design appropriate for answering the research question?​ Are specific inclusion / exclusion criteria used? ​ Reliability: ​Is the effect size practically relevant? How precise is the estimate of the effect? Were confidence intervals given? ​ Validity: ​Were there enough subjects in the study to establish that the findings did not occur by chance? ​ Were subjects randomly allocated? Were the groups comparable? If not, could this have introduced bias? ​ Are the measurements/ tools validated by other studies? ​ Could there be confounding factors? ​) * vocabulary used and style. In your opinion the article is: -- * misleading * contains a violent terminology ... ... low-educated adults --- please chose one or more of the following labels: ... * validity or substantiation of the arguments: does the article cite sources and are all the statements in the article intrinsically founded and properly justified ? Not all can be verified ! However the reasoning must be correct and all claims shall be true in the specific way in which they are expressed ! * critical thinking: do the article encourage reflection and to find out more on the argument ? * emotional impact: what and how do you feel after reading ? (multiple choice: upset, outraged, annoyed, I feel a grudge, I feel intimidated, interest, approval, exalted, not disturbed, nothing special ) please be sincere and report the dominant feeling, also if just addressed to the facts reported in the article * methodology: is the perspective broad enough and the article encompasses or evokes the multiple levels of which a fact is composed ? is it deep enough? Does it mention or include alternative viewpoints? Has an answer for those ? -- various indicators with a range from 0 to 5, ex. breadth of vision (1-5), etc. * social impact: may the article have any detrimental impact on week categories, like children, young people, old people, etc. ? (even citizens of other countries) Is the writer aware of the profound or not immediate implications of the directions possibly contained in the article ? Is the writer deliberately presenting a sketchy or restricted scenario ? Does the article produce some conditioning towards purposes not explicitly discussed in the article itself ? etc. ------------ -- qualità letteraria: è l'articolo caratterizzato da una buona qualità letteraria ? (non necessariamente inerente il genere giornalistico. Scala da 1 a 10 -- lessico utilizzato: fa l'articolo uso di un lessico violento o che potrebbe intimorire il lettore ? Fa un uso ingannevole del linguaggio, ad es. mediante affermazioni corrette sul piano tecnico, ma false o fuorvianti a una lettura convenzionale / superficiale ? -- l'articolo è stato scritto a pagamento o mediante un rapporto di collaborazione sovvenzionato e se sì da quali enti dipende ? -- etc. inserire qui tutte le possibili criticità, e inoltre i punti che possono essere mantenuti (come i riferimenti e se sono informazioni di prima mano) menzionate nei parametri del Trust project ------------ https://thetrustproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/7.29.20The-Trust-Indicators-Handout.pdf Un commento: -- "Best Practices" -- no, perché è autoreferenziale ! -- "Methods" -- sembra troppo generico, potete trovare più informazioni, una più dettagliata descrizione di tutti questi punti ? -- Actionable Feedback: yes, ma entro certi limiti -- Diverse Voices: why not -- Local: sure -- References: sure -- Labels: yes, to be better defined -- Journalist info: no