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This is the back-end site of the main site addressed to the public at this address (note that at present, October 2022, the front-end is not yet online) and meant as a collaborative platform where to write and moderate articles.

Articles, whatever field they belong to, and whatever their political or scientific bias (inevitable, inasmuch as the details are always distinguished from an overall view) have to comply with an acceptable level of quality and they don't have to be misleading, that is aimed at reaching whatever purpose behind the explicit topic of the article itself.

Anyone can write on, first creating an account, then registering either an article, or an article review, through the form News article, and the form News digest, but currently only articles which comply with the rule stated above will be published: even if, as editorial staff, we don't plan to moderate the articles one by one, instead, we grant permissions to the authors, writers or journalists we believe deserving, of course independently by their political beliefs and opinions over specific subjects.

Finally (for all other clarifications and details see the sections below) as long as enjoys some income even indirectly related to the contents posted on the site, through advertising (if allowed on the site), donations, grants, and other kind of income, those will be shared with all the authors and "users" of the site who did a significant contribution: where the word "significant" is designated by the entire community of our initiative.

News media
How it works
That's really simple:
  • Write a short article or a short article review (You have talent but need orientation ? Contact the editorial staff)
  • Create an account from here, the account can be created either with your real name and/or with an anonymous username (your contents will be moderated in any case), and you can therefore have both an official and an anonymous account, which nonetheless will be equally moderated ... read more
Who can publish on ?
Everyone both anonymously and under their own name (even associated with a professional profile in the journalistic style), however, at a first stage all the contents are moderated to ensure an adequate quality and correctness of the information
Why contents are moderated?
Because as long as contents are not explicitly moderated, they are moderated implicitly through constraining and/or arbitrary "community guidelines", or even through closed-source algorithms. Much more transparent, in our opinion, is to not set any specific guideline, except a "generic" concept of "quality and correctness of the information" which can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis from an experienced committee
What is the purpose of ? aspires to be a centralized database and factory for the topical information of Georgia, that is where media outlets or newspaper publish their quality contents or independent writers and activists submit their articles or reviews, both to catalog them for long-term storage through the use of semantic data, and to disseminate them through Wikisphere for a global audience
How can be immediately used ?
  • You can just create a news media entry in order to contribute to create a comprehensive list of online newspapers and news media platforms for each country (of course starting from Georgia). You know that most of the people always check the same few news sources and/or they are entrapped in social networks.
  • You could check the page Use-cases for the additional use-cases

  • Support
    Do you need assistance or would you like to contact the editorial staff ? Just fill-in the form below and we will get back to you promptly